HD3 is in the Holographic shape of pyramid. It is a 3 sided holographic display crate that is robust, transportable and plug & play. The plug and play HD3 combines a luxurious finish with user-friendly features and durable glass optics. The product is slimmer and more elegant design, full HD resolution and builds in sound and adjustable LED light.


Pop3 is a 3D holographic display that combines real product with holographic display. It creates the effect of stop and stare in a crowded trade environment. With the Dreamoc Fusion, it connects multiples that does much more than the range of your 3D holographic presentation.


XL2 is a holographic display with 3 sided. The product is a definite eyecatcher with 270° of crystal clear, unobstructed viewing area.XL2 feature is a full HD display. It combines a physical product with a holographic 3D animation. The holographic display is easily implemented - "Plug and Play" system.

180 XXL

The Bigger 180XXL is our most spectacular display which impresses your audience with this stunning holographic display, oversized and breathtaking illusions that generates a huge holographic illusion to fascinate passers viewer. As 180 XXL is the extra factor you have been looking for..

360 XXL

360 XXL is a 3D four sided Holographic Display that combines your real product with holographic material. With its 360-degree display, people surround the unique and exciting 360 XXL initiates the ‘buzz effect’ to compliment your marketing strategies. This product is the ideal solution for displays..


Unleash the true power of interactive storytelling with our app, and engage your customers like never before. With Play, you deliver more than just a presentation of your product; you create a powerful new experience for your prospects.

In today’s highly competitive market all stores and its brands are in need of exciting new ways to differentiate themselves from competition that makes your product remarkable anywhere.The Holographic Displayproducts have improved the 3D Display with stunning new features making it more impressive. The Holographic Display has already proven its ground breaking capability for making “Stop and Wonder” effect in Malls, Retail shops, Airports, Events and any other place were consumer attention is wanted.
There is no compromise in the quality or creativity, just get your product to the biggest possible audience quickly and reliably.