Interactive Displays

Interactive Displays by MTC

MTC interactive displays give you a sleek and slim body design with profound image quality due to the LED backlit technology. The professional grade panels give durability as well as the looks without negotiating in any aspect of quality standards. The combination of design & technology makes the MTC Interactive displays deliver more to the user. Anti-reflective glass, ambient light sensor, 10 touch interactive, durability & control system compatible are features of MTC interactive displays just to name a few. Available in 32″, 42″, 46″, 55″, 65″, 70″ 80″ and 84″ sizes all with 10-touch point.

MTC interactive displays


Multi touch enabled
The 10-point multi touch in are precise and enhancecollaboration.

Easy port for Second Teacher/Presenter
Easy port situated on the side of the display allows aneasy access to the ports so that a second teacher orpresenter can easily get connected to the display andis ready to share.

Ultra-Durable product
50000 hours of life with the use of commercial paneland metal chassis makes MTC interactive touch displayone of the most durable displays in the market.

Touch interactive on Demand
With a touch of a button on remote control, the presentercan control when he wants the screen to be touchenabled and when not.

UHD technology for Vivid Images
MTC interactive touch displays are available with HD technology,which offers better resolution, and color fidelity. The UHD technology in the displays helps you to be futureready, when the content will be UHD and the current contentwill look good on UHD displays.

Ambient Light Sensor(ALS) for long life
ALS enhances the life, as it helps the display to adjust itsbrightness based on the ambient light of the room. Thisalso helps the viewers as they do not strain their eyeswhile watching the display.

Anti-Reflective Glass for Clear Vision
Displays come with anti-reflective glass. This improvesthe efficiency since less light is lost and it helps participantsto see the display clearly without any reflection ofambient light.

Plug and Play for ease of use
MTC interactive touch displays are HID compliant andwork with any platform: PC, Mac, Android and iOS.

Freeze Image The presenter can use Freeze Image function to togglebetween lessons and files to select for sharing without participants seeing the content. This is a mandatoryfunction required by every presenter in this day of collaboration.

Auto Signal Detection Technology
(ASDT) for Green technology MTC interactive touch display saves electricity as itswitches on or off automatically by sensing signal inputto the display. This feature makes them the best in classgreen technology product.