Interactive Overlays

interactive overlays

WaveX, a global player in interactive technology, offers you a chance to adopt latest technology by transforming your existing passive or dumb display panels into touch interactive displays through our Overlay product range: “Overlayer” or “Bespoke”

Our Overlayer range offers you multi touch capabilities depending on your requirement: dual touch up to 40 touch. Overlayer can be customized to any display, be it industrial or consumer and for any brand; NEC, Sharp, Philips, Mitsubishi, Samsung, LG, Panasonic, Barco and any size of single screen; 32 to 152 inch diagonal.

Our “Bespoke” range offers touch offers touch interactive technology for videos cubes for any size walls with the diagonal size of 400″ both for LED as well as rear projection video cubes any brands including Samsung, LG, Sharp, NEC, Delta, Mitsubishi, Barco and others.

So if you have stacked displays of 1×2 or 3×7 and anything in between or beyond, we can make it interactive. We will help your organization to adopt interactive technology.

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Wavex Touch Overlays


interactive overlays

If you are in corporate or education or retail spaces and already have invested in displays, which are passive, we will be able to help you to convert them in touch interactive display for you to use them more effective and get better ROI from your displays.

32 inch to 152 inch; plasma, LCD/LED, we can transform every kind of display into touch interactive display and number of touch (2 touch – 40 touch) as per the application you would like to run on the same.

And we also can give it in Red, Blue, Yellow and green, to suit your style.

Passive panel converted into touch interactive display using WaveXOverlayer can be used as interactive boards in schools, training rooms or a corporate board room or meeting room;information Kiosks in schools, corporate, retail and public places and way finding kiosks in campus; school, university and corporate or in retail and public places.


interactive overlays

Are you buying a video wall for a specific requirement and want it to be interactive, talk to us and we will be able to offer you, Bespoke touch interactive solutions from WaveX, which are specifically customized for the Video wall.

For rear projection displays, we customize the pedestal, which will support the overlay, so that it can be moved easily for maintenance.

Bespoke touch interactive solutions are offered in different colors and also wood finishes to suit, the spaces for Video walls installation.

Bespoke offering starts from1x2 display wall upto 3X7 display wall for Mitsubishi, Barco, Delta, Planar, Vtron, Christie, Eyevis and other for rear projections and all the brands of LED displays.

Interactive video wall applications are in command and control center, Experience centers in corporate and retail space


Customized to your Display:
Overlayer and Bespoke overlays can be customized to your current display or Video Wall, for 32″ – 400″ Diagonal. They can match the interior as they are offered in custom colors and wooden trims.

Multitouch for more Customer Engagement:
The 2- 40 point Multitouch in Wavex Overlay is precise and can be enhanced depending on the number of participants, who will be interacting with the Interactive touch display. The minimum response time of 7ms with +/- 1.5mm touch accuracy, makes the participants’ experience real.

Durability till lifetime of the Display:
It offers unlimited touch durability and robustness as it is made of Aluminum/steel.

Plug and Play for ease of use:
Wavex Overlays are HID compliant and work with any platform: PC, Mac, Android and iOS.

Secured Investment:
As the Wavex overlay technology is FCC, CE, RoHS certified, your investment is secured.

With Large installation of passive or dumb displays across segments; Overlay solutions from WavexTouch are a great way for making them interactive and get a better experience from the displays.

Command & Control Rooms:
Interactive Video walls in Command and Control rooms.

Interactive Video Walls and Displays for news readers, weather and sports reporters.

Convert to Interactive displays in classrooms and auditoriums and any customized solutions.

Corporate & Government:
Convert to Interactive displays in meeting rooms, boardrooms and collaboration rooms and any customized solutions.

Retail Spaces:
Customer engagement displays or Video Walls and any customized solutions.

Public Places:
Customer engagement displays or Video Walls and any customized solutions.