2D & 3D Animation

Animation Services

Now-a-days the Animation has becomes heavily computerized activity in all the areas. TruPrism applies 2D and 3D animations to various business processes that enhances the processes. The outcome of the project from our animation team will be highly sophisticated computer skills with outstanding creative talent of visualization and concept development. The few services that we provide are like gif animation, flash animation, 2D animation or 3D animation

2D Animation:

The 2D and flash animations is to animate the process of flow diagram. This can be used in for presentation, product demo and in other areas. The following are the Production stages of 2D Animation:

  • Pre-Production
  • BG Colouring
  • Creating Animations
  • Review
  • Post-Production
  • Voice recording and integration
  • Final review

3D Animation:

The 3D animations is to demonstrate the inner working of machinery. Now a days, It has gone beyond into the Entertainment and Educational venues floating in their day to day activities into the areas like Education training, Game development, Universities, Corporates, Government Organizations, Industries, gaming companies etc. and it is being used widely in the areas Of – Advertising, Architecture, Medical, Aerospace Engineering, Biotechnology, Automobile, Games, Movies , etc.

TruPrism deals in creating 3D Animation for Web, e-learning, training, industrial, medical, mechanical, Modelling etc. The following is the Production stages of 3D Animation are:

  • Pre-Production
  • 3D Set Designing
  • Object Modelling
  • Object Animation
  • Camera
  • Post-Production
  • Final review