Digital Signage

Digital Signage

We live in a digital age where people are programmed to digest information from the screens of their TVs, their laptops, and their mobile devices. Technology has made the dissemination of information quick, accessible, and omnipresent.

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T1V Digital Sinage

Whether you want to inform visitors with wayfinders, students with upcoming events, or customers with new products. We’re here to show you how to bring your environment to life with 3 simple steps:

Step 1: Determine Your Goals

If you’re looking for a digital sign, chances are you have something to communicate. Maybe it’s a new product, an upcoming event, or your company history. Whatever the message, consider the goal behind it. Do you want to increase sales? Improve customer satisfaction? Enhance visitor experiences? Communicate more effectively, with more flexibility? Whatever you decide, it’s important to keep this in mind when determining where to physically place your digital signage, along with the content that your digital signage will power.

Other things to consider when determining your goals:

  • Location: is the sign going to be in an external environment? In your store front? Behind your check-out counter?
  • Screen: what size screen? Portrait or Landscape orientation?
  • Enclosure: will your digital sign be on a floorstand? Mounted on the wall? or fully integrated with your environment?
  • Scalability: if you have several locations to cater to, is this content relevant to all of your locations? Or will it require adjustments based on locale?

Step 2: Develop Your Content Strategy

Establish your target audience

Once you’ve determined your goals, let’s shift our attention to your audience. Who are you communicating to? Take a minute to consider your target demographic: what is their age range? How long does your average guest dwell in your location? What information will be most relevant to them? All of these questions should help to inform which type of content will resonate most deeply with your audience.

Choose Content that Connects

With PlayVision, T1V’s digital signage player software, you can combine all types of content into one of our standard templates: images, video, messaging, animated gifs, live RSS feeds, you name it. Experience the convenience of displaying different content feeds within a single screen view, or managing different content streams for video walls and more complex digital signage configurations.

Step 3: Measure + Refine

Measure, measure, measure! T1V’s VisoMetrics™ – the AVA (anonymous video analytics) software – tracks and measures your digital signage performance so you can see where your message is working, while identifying areas for improvement. VisoMetrics software looks at impressions, gender, age, dwell time, and more to determine the effectiveness of your digital sign. What’s more, it also has the ability to trigger immediate content changes based on the viewer. (For example, a female viewer captured by VisoMetrics could trigger women’s fashion items in the storefront of a retail store.)

Once you’ve captured data from VisoMetrics on your digital signage performance, you can easily refine your content. Unlike traditional signage, digital content is easily updated – with no additional investment required to reprint and redistribute new signage. T1V’s cloud-based Content Management System (CMS) allows content managers to upload and manage content across any number of screens dispersed across multiple locations, so it’s never too late to add new material. It is incredibly simple and efficient–designed to aid content managers in publishing content quickly and efficiently, and to reach audiences dispersed around the globe.






46” – 80”, or ask about

1080p HD or 4K

thin or ultra-thin

our custom options





indoor: 350 – 700 nits

if you imagine it, we can create it

landscape or portrait

storefront window: 700 – 2000 nits



outdoor: 1500 – 2500 nits



T1Visions’ Content Management System (CMS) is incredibly simple and efficient. The system is designed to aid content managers in publishing content quickly and effectively, and to reach multiple audiences dispersed around the globe.

Digital Signage

  • Cloud-based system allows content managers to upload and manage content across any number of screens dispersed across multiple locations
  • Create playlists with mixed media – still images, video, and animated text graphics Schedule playlist start times or push content in real-time
  • Group screens based on time zone / region / type of store, and publish content updates for those targeted audiences
  • Assign tiered user permissions (view, upload, publish, manage)
  • Snapshot button provides live content feed for managers to confirm updates or changes