Interactive Wall

interactive Wall

T1V’s Interactive Walls transform public spaces into more dynamic environments. Deliberately large in size, these touchscreen Walls are designed to leave an impression on not just a handful of people, but an entire audience. The touchscreen can be split into separate active areas – allowing for people to interact collectively or individually.

Our patented software is designed for multitouch, multiuser, and multiapplication use – enabling multiple people to simultaneously share and operate across the T1V Interactive Platform for more connected, digitalized, and engaging experiences. Each Wall comes with a package of standard software features and applications, with the option to build your own custom software.

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T1V Interactive Wall

T1V Interactive Wall is Ideal for:

  • Public Venues – shopping malls, museums, convention centers, theme parks – the applications are endless. Whether you’re looking for a way to entertain visitors while they are waiting, inform them of the local area, or help them find their way around your venue, our interactive solutions can help. Visitors can explore, interact, and learn to use an intuitive, multitouch multiuser interface, or relax and enjoy an array of stunning digital displays.
  • Food service environments – sports bars, fast casual restaurants, QSRs, full service hotel restaurants, family restaurants– the applications are endless. T1V interactive technology brings customer engagement and satisfaction to a whole new level. Guests can eat, connect, and play using an intuitive, multitouch user interface.
  • Libraries, meeting rooms, training centers, boardrooms, and media rooms, and the classroom. Teams can connect, share, and learn to use an intuitive, multitouch user interface. Educators can better present information in a way that engages their students.
  • Healthcare environments – emergency departments, maternity centers, orthopedics, oncology– the applications are endless. T1V’s interactive technology brings healthcare into the twenty-first century. Patients and healthcare professionals can connect, share, and learn to use an intuitive, multitouch user interface.

T1V’s New 80" Interactive Wall

T1V introduces a new hardware design to our line-up of Interactive Walls – the 80" Interactive Wall. Our Industrial Designers worked to create a complete all-in-one enclosure that is easily configured with T1V’s multitouch software.
The unit comes with a built-in component case and an ADA-compliant mounting system that allows for easy mobility and configuration with little set-up time. USB ports make it easy to showcase content when running collaborative software, and the ports are designed for easy access in both landscape and portrait configurations.

interactive Wall