The first obstacle in dealing with support problems is a lack of information. To assist the support staff in solving any problems you may have encountered quickly and effectively, it is imperative that the information you provide contains as much detail as possible.

The support team have a vast amount of experience and you should feel free to contact them with any problems you may have. Tell them what you are trying to accomplish and they will advise you on the most suitable way to achieve your aims.

To contact them with ” the system does not work” can cause hours, if not days of unnecessary fault finding. When contacting the support staff, it would be extremely useful if you could provide the following details:

  • The system you are using (Hardware and Software, Operating System and the Driver in use)
  • Application software and version
  • Number of screens in use

If you need to contact the Support team, please fill the enquiries form.

Support Enquiry

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